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Cavity Wall Insulation

Professional and cost-effective Cavity Wall Insulation Supply and Insulation.



Cavity Wall Insulation Ireland provides clients in Carlow and all over the South of Ireland with the best in professional Cavity Wall Insulation. Silver bonded bead insulation sprays into the cavity between a property’s brickwork creating a seal that improves the property’s overall energy efficiency and heat retention.
Cavity Wall Insulation was developed specifically for cavity walls. Cavity walls consist of two bricks or blocks separated by a space of a couple of inches.
The vast majority of Irish homes built before the mid-1980s do not contain insulation, and therefore likely have an extremely low BER Rating. Our cavity wall insulation process involves pumping silver boned beads into this cavity. These beads are mixed with a glue that forms a solid seal.
This process completely seals the cavity improving the property’s overall energy efficiency and saving the homeowner money.

Spray Foam Insulation

Interested in saving money on your energy bills and improving your homes energy efficiency? Speak to Cavity Wall Insulation Ireland about Cavity Wall Insulation today


Advantages of Bonded Bead Insulation

Improved thermal properties

A total, gapless insulation seal between brickwork

Improved thermal properties

Bonded Bead Insulation is suitable for both new and existing properties

Improved thermal properties

Can help increase the building's BER Rating which can increase the properties re-sale value

For additional information on the many advantages on bonded bead insulation, get in contact with Cavity Wall Insulation Ireland today.

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